By Robin Lee

Listen Up!  Your Heart is Speaking

Our bodies constantly respond to our thoughts and environment. Take care to honor and pay attention to these things if you want your life to be healthy and happy.

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Robin Lee

Listen Up! Your Heart Is Speaking is a guidebook that teaches you how to honor the inner wisdom of your heart and connect to your own truth. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to fall into a habit of living a life of obligation and unhappiness. Happiness is a choice and a by-product of living from your heart. This book is written to give you simple ideas and exercises to help build a deeper relationship with yourself. As you are able to hear your heart’s wisdom, you’ll feel the courage and confidence to create a life you love. When you trust in what your heart is communicating, you’ll see things from an entirely different perspective–one of gratitude and love–and your life will forever be changed!


“You deserve to enjoy this incredible life just like anyone else.  Promise to allow yourself this gift.”

– Robin Lee

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