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Connect with the creative force of intuition to empower the true healing potential of your body.

You don’t have to settle.

By working with Robin Lee you will see rapid changes in your body, mind, and spirit.


“You deserve a joyful, fulfilling, passionate life.
Please make a promise that you will allow yourself to enjoy this incredible gift.”

Robin Lee, Intuitive Healer and Mentor


Invest in Your Health

Your health impacts the quality of your life and everyone around you.

Your body, mind, and spirit form a system that is always in harmony with itself. As a result, an imbalance in one area creates an imbalance in the other areas.

By working with her Intuitive Healing gifts, Robin Lee will create a nutritional / lifestyle program for your unique situation.

Your body naturally heals and harmonizes when you understand and remove your imbalances.

There is more to life

Your intuition could be your most powerful ally. By learning how to use your intuition you will create a more fulfilling life.

You deserve to be happy.

Emotional intuitive healing teaches you to reconnect with your intuition. By listening to the wisdom of your own body, mind, and soul you can bring your life back into a joyful balance.

Learn how to live a more joyful, connected life.

Healthy Habits Membership

Our Healthy Habits Women’s Group gives you a deeper understanding of one wellness-related topic a month. Past topics include understanding how your food and lifestyle habits affect specific organs, and on a more esoteric level, we’ve focused on practicing self-love, and how self-talk affects your health and well-being.

Your monthly membership gives you access to a weekly video about nutrition and wellness, the online community, and previous content.

Empower yourself today with support and guidance to manifest the level of vitality and joy you deserve.

Published Author

Listen Up! Your Heart Is Speaking is a guidebook that teaches you how to honor the inner wisdom of your heart and connect to your truth.
Robin Lee has been a contributor to Positively Positive since 2013 and shared her birth story in Journey into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth.

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