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Your body exists in perfect balance. It is constantly adapting to everything it is given by you and your experiences. What you may call symptoms are often the only way your body can communicate to you.

The goal of Medical Intuitive Healing is not just to remove your symptoms, but also to find and repair the causes of them.

Using Intuition as your guide, you can change your health by creating a new balance in your body.


Trauma from your past is held in your body and causes imbalances of all kinds.

Intuitive Healing provides an understanding of the true cause of your illness so you can unleash the healing power of your body.

It is deeply empowering to find that you do have control over your health.


Your body, mind, and spirit form a system that is always in harmony with itself. An imbalance in one area creates an imbalance in others.

Intuitive Healing reconnects you to your whole body and spirit in a profound way by unlocking your innate wisdom and intuition.

Medical Intuition

Your body naturally heals and harmonizes when you understand and remove your imbalances.

Remember, your body, mind, and spirit form a system that is always in harmony with itself – each part connected to the others.

As a Medical Intuitive, I will create a nutritional/lifestyle program for you and your unique situation.

Emotional Guidance

Emotional healing is about teaching you to connect to your intuition. By listening to the wisdom of your body, mind, and spirit you can bring your life back into joyful balance.

Your intuition could be your most powerful ally.

You deserve to be happy.

Learn how to live a more joyful, connected life. 




My workshops, classes, and events are offered to help you learn about yourself and experience life differently – by slowing down and listening to your own body and intuition.

What an incredible opportunity you are giving yourself, by wanting to support your overall health and wellness.

Simply showing up for yourself like this is such an incredible job!

“You deserve a joyful, fulfilling, passionate life.
Please make a promise that you will allow yourself to enjoy this incredible gift of life.”

Robin Lee, Intuitive Healer and Mentor

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