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What Self Love Really Means

What Self Love Really Means

I'm so grateful to be able to share my message with a larger audience from time to time! Come visit my new post over at Positvely Positive Self love is different for everyone. Essentially, it’s creating space in your day to take care of yourself, physically and...

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What to Expect working with a Medical Intuitive like Robin Lee

What to Expect working with a Medical Intuitive like Robin Lee

I am incredibly honored and grateful that you are taking the time to watch this. I love knowing that you are interested in exploring your path to wellness. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and looked at...

Choosing Positivity in a Pandemic

Choosing Positivity in a Pandemic In a situation like this pandemic that we are dealing with, there are a lot of positives that can come out of this if we choose to see them. For example, because of the lock-down in California there are so...

How do you hear your body talk?

How do you hear your body talk?

As a Medical Intuitive I am asked so often a very important question.. How do you hear your body talk? And the next question usually is... How come you can hear my body talk and I can't. My first question when I am asked this is... how much time are you...

Making Fantabulous Fennel Soup

Making Fantabulous Fennel Soup

Yum! Fantabulous Fennel Soup is one of my favorite soups to make at home, because it is so fast and tasty. You just chop all the veggies and boil them gently for 15-20 minutes. Fennel is incredible for helping heal the stomach, gut, and central nervous...

Waiting for the next Shoe to Drop?

Are you tired of waiting for the next shoe to drop? Isn’t this a part of life? Unexpected and unforeseen things happening? Isn’t it incredible how draining this can be? Have you noticed you are even relieved sometimes when something bad happens? If you...

How Can I Love Myself a Little Bit More Today?

Years ago she walked into my NYC office with complaints of arthritis and inflammation. We spent an hour discussing how to help her body heal and re-balance itself. She sat with silver hair, in her 70s, and there was something very special about her....

Are You A Pollyanna?

What can I say? Maybe I am Pollyanna… or maybe I am just really committed to enjoying the life I have been given. Whatever it is… I love that part of my personality. I love being able to flip things easily in my mind to see how the moment is supporting...

The Power of Gratitude…Gratitude Heals!

Every night on Facebook and Twitter, I hold Gratitude Parties. Gratitude Parties are where people from all over the world take time to share three things they are grateful for. I find myself often sitting back with a cup of tea enjoying reading the gems...

I AM Ready, Willing…and Able!

People from all over the world call me with physical and emotional ailments, asking me to find the root or cause of their issues and what they need to do to help support their bodies to return to a place of balance. When I begin a session with a client,...


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