Waiting for the next Shoe to Drop?

Are you tired of waiting for the next shoe to drop? Isn’t this a part of life? Unexpected and unforeseen things happening? Isn’t it incredible how draining this can be? Have you noticed you are even relieved sometimes when something bad happens? If you want to break...

Are You A Pollyanna?

What can I say? Maybe I am Pollyanna… or maybe I am just really committed to enjoying the life I have been given. Whatever it is… I love that part of my personality. I love being able to flip things easily in my mind to see how the moment is supporting me where it is...

The Power of Gratitude…Gratitude Heals!

Every night on Facebook and Twitter, I hold Gratitude Parties. Gratitude Parties are where people from all over the world take time to share three things they are grateful for. I find myself often sitting back with a cup of tea enjoying reading the gems of gratitude...

I AM Ready, Willing…and Able!

People from all over the world call me with physical and emotional ailments, asking me to find the root or cause of their issues and what they need to do to help support their bodies to return to a place of balance. When I begin a session with a client, I assume the...

Choices and Gratitude

Someone I was having lunch with today asked me what I felt was the most important lesson I had yet learned in my life. I took a few moments to answer that and came to conclude it was between two lessons. The first was that there is always a choice. Over the past...

Stressed? Take That Moment to Reset!

Did you know that you can’t take a deep conscious breath and feel stressed at the same time? Often I hear friends and clients talk about how stressed they are. I always, always ask if they like that feeling and my favorite part of asking that question is seeing the...

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