How do you hear your body talk?

How do you hear your body talk?

As a Medical Intuitive I am asked so often a very important question.. How do you hear your body talk? And the next question usually is… How come you can hear my body talk and I can’t. My first question when I am asked this is… how much time are you...

Practical Wisdom to Sink Your Teeth Into…

I love my job. On a daily basis I get to remind people like you how awesome it is to be alive in the bodies we have. As a Medical Intuitive, part of my job is to help people listen to their bodies and understand their bodies wisdom. It is quite empowering to...

Connecting to Your Intuition … Your Heart

One of my favorite things I remind my clients when they come to me for intuitive guidance is how incredibly wise they are. Inside each of us sits a vast amount of information. We are truly blessed with an incredible, intuitive compass that sits inside of our Hearts....

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