1-Where did you learn to do intuitive counseling?

When I was 15 years old, I began studying herbology with a wonderful teacher in San Diego. I found that I had a love for alternative health and medicine. I was very intrigued by kinesiology and learned to practice that as well as learn about the body and how it functions. At 17, I began working in a popular health food store; I was able to implement much of what I learned about herbs and healing. While working, I would notice that I could “feel” a person as they spoke to me. When I say “feel,” I mean that I could sense what was going on in a person’s body: I could feel what was happening in their body as if it were my own.

The more I would listen to this instead of just my intellectual knowledge alone, (I could actually hear the body communicate to me just like if you were talking to a friend on the phone!) I found that I could actually ask questions and get specific answers!

The best way to describe it would be to that I just “came into my own being.” By being open to it, I am able to access information that is stored in different levels of each person’s body.

2-Can anyone do intuitive counseling?

Intuition is everyone’s birthright. Listening to your body is both your responsibility and your birthright. But because of my knowledge of nutrition, biology and wellness, it probably comes easier to me than it does to most people.

Of course, this is because I have devoted my life to studying it!

But the most powerful tool is our work together! Together, we will learn to hear your body and acknowledge what it is sharing with you. When we are able to do this, I will truly have done my job.

3-How often do we work together?

It depends on the type of work as to how often we’ll work together. There is not a set answer to this for all my clients.

When we do coaching / counseling work, I like to work with people once every 1-2 weeks for a minimum of 3-months to maximize results.

When I work on the physical, it depends on what is happening in that particular case. If the work is preventative, then once every 2-3 months for the first year is usually appropriate. If there is a health crisis of some kind, then perhaps 2-4 weeks for the first 3 months.

4-Do you work with emotional issues?

Oh yes! If a person wants to work on this level-intuitive guidance is a
wonderfully efficient way of manifesting change and serenity.

To obtain complete healing one must eventually work on what the body has held onto from the past.

Such memories get stored in the body. If you think back to an awful childhood event, or to a time in which you were very angry or sad, if you think of such a time and take a deep breath and let yourself feel your own body, you will most likely notice it tighten.

This happens because deep in cellular memory, the feeling has been locked. If you decide to try this and merely feel numb, don’t dismiss it. The point is that you feel something. This is the body’s way of talking and sharing.

Once we heal these imbalances, the body no longer responds negatively to unpleasant memories.

5-Why do I have such a hard time eating for health?

Addictions are normally the culprit. Work overload, stress, the “wrong” foods, and other issues can contribute to a lack of healthy eating and lifestyle. The power of healthy eating is greatly underestimated!

When we work together, we will discover how your body is responding to the circumstances now. We will find what and how your body likes or dislikes what you are doing or what is missing.

Our next step will be to determine what is most important to focus on at that time. It’s important that you never walk away or hang up the phone feeling overwhelmed. We will make sure that what you walk out the door or hang up the phone, your goals and tasks are doable and that we create great habits last!

By just creating one great habit every month or even once every six
months, your life and health will be impacted greatly in a very short time

My work is about you doing wonderful things for yourself. Each time you do a wonderful thing, it’s opposite (an unproductive habit) will naturally fade away.

This is the core of my work: helping you to take care of yourself. It is a wonderful, loving process, and rewarding for both of us.

6-Do you feel that every physical complaint has an emotional root?

I’m mentioning this here because I am asked it so often, but, in general, I think it’s best if we “cross that bridge when we get to that river.”

However, I can say that if there are deficiencies, they will obviously cause physical problems. Too often have I seen people focus too much emphasis on the emotional while ignoring the physical and logical. Like most things, there is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained.

I find it usually works best to start with the logical level or layer and work from that place to the more subtle levels.

For instance, I worked with a woman in 1999 from Russia who was so weak that she could hardly get out of bed. After working with healers and therapists of all types, she showed no improvement. After doing our first scan, it was crystal clear that this poor woman was having severe blood sugar issues! She started balancing her blood sugar and within three months, was fully functional with energy through the roof!

Was there an emotional core to this? Yes, but to be able to deal with it we needed to first get the physical and logical problems solved.

In other words, human nature prefers to be instantly gratified (to have everything at once). But, like most things, there is a progression that needs to be followed for maximum success. Physical and logical problems first, then we move to the emotional. When healing our body, we must be willing to listen, and we must have patience!

With these two things, the body’s wisdom will reveal all we could ever want to know.

7-Do you see people or work on the phone?

Both and either.
It is not necessary for a person to be in my physical presence to do this work. In fact, most of the work I do is on the phone. We can record our sessions so you always have it to refer to if you would like to do that.
I lead workshops on different topics in San Diego, Los Angeles, and NYC. If you would like me to come visit your city, please inquire as to how to make that happen.
I also offer immersion weekends with clients wanting to make a very defined leap in their healing process. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me.

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