Honor What You’ve Grown Through

April 27, 2023

Written by Robin Lee

Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies.


Today I want to talk about the importance of honoring what you’ve grown through.

This can be recent transitions and changes, or big things from the past that you went through. In the past few weeks of blogs and on my social media, I’ve talked about the beauty of spring and how the season naturally supports beautiful change and transformation. I love spring and the reminder of the beauty of seasons in life, and the gifts that each season provides. We all have seasons in life, right? Good seasons, tough seasons, and neutral seasons.

There’s a glitch though, one I’ve myself gotten caught up in. We all get so busy doing life that we sometimes forgot to honor what we’ve been through, or all the big changes that have happened because we’re so focused on getting to the next day, week, or month ahead. We’re busy, right, and no one wants to focus on the past. Which is a great idea, mostly. We shouldn’t live in the past, but past events can still be impacting us today if we don’t take time to connect to and honor them, and seek out any healing we might need.

For me- in the past year, I’ve had some big changes in my life. My younger daughter started an out-of-state college, and that meant dealing with an empty nest. My husband and I bought a house in a different county, and that meant leaving a home we’d been living in for years and learning a brand new community. We’re only 45 minutes away from where we used to live, but adding in traffic means a big drive every time we want to return to something familiar.

All in all, these were natural progressions in my life, but I got so busy with home projects (planned and unexpected), learning a new community, being farther away from friends and family, living in a home that felt very different now that my daughter was gone, and adding in some changes to my business and prioritizing new goals that I forgot to process everything! I didn’t realize how much these changes had built up in me until I remembered all that had happened in the past year. I had to remember that I needed to take time to honor everything. Change is often beautiful, but when you grow into something new you’re always leaving something behind.

It’s critical when prioritizing being in a centered place in our life that we acknowledge where we are and where we’ve been. There are many massive changes people go through in life, and a lot of us blow past those big changes. We’re so focused on getting through things that we forget to honor what just happened. Moving, career changes, health issues, marriage or divorce, changes in your family (like a new addition or grown kids moving out), loss, success (like graduating or achieving a big goal)- honor when these big things happen in your life.

Be able to look back with fond memories of what was good and beautiful, or look back and honor the positive choices you made (like leaving a bad relationship or toxic job). Honor the ways the changes affected you, and give yourself a break. Be patient with yourself when you’re in transition. This is especially true if your life got flipped upside down by a major illness, setback, or unexpected change.

Each season of our life has the potential to change us. Each transition brings new things. Big change means something getting left behind. No matter what’s happening, or has happened in your life, honor what you’ve grown through.

Honor you. Stay connected to your life.

It matters.

What was the last big thing you went through, and did you take the time to acknowledge that period?

In Gratitude,


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