Refresh Your Space to Refresh Your Life!

January 12, 2023

Written by Robin Lee

Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies.


There are two times of the year when people turn their focus to additional cleaning of their homes and spaces around them- Spring and Fall. Traditionally, these are amazing times to do a deep clean, purge unused items, organize, and feel more peace in our personal spaces. There’s something about the changing of the seasons that naturally supports this.

However, my favorite time of year to do a real good purge and deep clean is January. Yup, January.

Now, I live in Southern California, where it’s easy to deep clean spaces like my garage because the weather is nice year-round. The real reason I like to do these deep cleans in January is that there’s something to be said for starting a brand new year with clean, organized, and fresh spaces. Especially the ones I spend a lot of time in — my office, living room, and bedroom.

I want to start each year with as clean a slate as possible and be able to focus on the magic of the New Year, and my Intentions. Having a clean, organized, and sometimes refreshed space helps keep my focus where I want it, and it feels amazing to have a space that helps me breathe and relax instead of stressing me out.

With nearly half the month gone, I encourage all of you reading this to carve out a day, or two before the end of the month and do this yourself. What space, or spaces, do you spend the most time in? What areas of your home stress you out the most? Your closet? Kitchen cupboards? Living room feeling drab and cluttered?

Start small. Take an afternoon to go through your closet. Be brutally honest with yourself- what clothes do you wear? What clothes fit you now? If there’s something you’re not sure you can part with- put it in a box, and store that box in the garage. If you haven’t sought out that item in the next six months, do you need it?

Though there’s some expense and time involved- how long has it been since you refreshed your bedroom? Having a calm and relaxing bedroom improves sleep patterns. When did you last buy a new sheet set or duvet cover? A new pillow? That one is really important- most pillows are only good for a few years. When was the last time you painted your room? Personally, I hate painting. I don’t have the patience for it, but fresh paint can make a world of difference in a space.

Living rooms are a place where clutter usually accumulates. Knick knacks on every surface, stuff gathering dust on (or under) the coffee table, or side tables. Magazines read (or not) taking up space. Look around your living room- what can you purge, or organize? Swap out framed photos. Change up the artwork in your home- this is especially easy if you use those removable wall strips instead of nails.

Our outer space often reflects our inner space. If we’re looking to have more internal peace, we need to make sure at least some of our outside worlds mirror those inner, desired feelings. We can’t have internal peace if our home is a place of stress.

Create time to clear out, organize, and refresh rooms in your home. Prioritize the spaces that stress you out the most, and/or that you spend the most time in. Make it fun! Put on music you love, and play it loud. Dance around while you clean. Ask a friend over to help, to provide accountability, and to get in some social time. Offer the same in exchange.

Pre-purchase some small items to use after you’ve cleaned up. A new plant, or flower (or a few). These add life to a room and don’t take up a lot of space. Get a new candle that you love the smell of- something fresh and bright, or calm and grounding. If your budget allows for it- minor changes like different throw pillows or new curtains provide a simple change. A change of color in your decor can feel incredibly refreshing.

Lastly, taking time to purge, organize, and refresh allows us an opportunity to create a space in tune with who we currently are and what we want for the future. This is incredibly important for us to achieve success with our Intentions and goals for 2023. Creating a fresh, clean space by purging, organizing, and deep cleaning moves old energy out of your space, and the physical aspect of moving old items clears internal space as well. When we honor the old and create room for new things, magic happens.

Happy Cleaning!

With Gratitude,


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