Spring Into Spirit Renewal!

March 23, 2023

Written by Robin Lee

Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies.


Spring has arrived! I love this time of year, and I know all my friends and family in true seasonal climates love this time of year as well! Spring is a promise of warmer days, of color returning to our world, or blue skies and a healing sun. Spring is a beautiful time in the world when we get to appreciate change and all that Mother Nature is doing. Spring + Commitment to Change = Spirit Renewal! 

There is no better time than spring to embrace the idea of change and renewal. It’s what the entire season is about, shaking off the hibernation of winter and seeking to cleanse our spirit. I have been encouraging everyone I know to embrace this spring season, to seek where they can cleanse, renew, and change. 

There are two great ways to embrace the energy of spring and the beauty of change. 

One is Spring Cleaning! I’m constantly encouraging my clients, friends, and even family to take time at least twice a year to do a thorough deep clean of their house and their possessions. There is a true physical energy of the spaces around us that affects us mentally, though we often don’t realize it. 

Taking time to check in with our belongings and our house gives us a great opportunity to clean, purge, donate, and create the space around us that matches the energy we are seeking for our lives. If you want to feel light and energized, it won’t help to have stuff everywhere. Carve out a weekend to commit to a spring clean. You’ll love how your space feels after. If your budget allows, over the coming weeks, think about how you can make minor changes to design aspects of your house so things feel fresh and new (like new curtains, pillows, linens, etc). Even something as simple as having a super clean kitchen with new hand towels, new sponges, and a vase of fresh flowers can feel amazing. 

Secondly, my absolute favorite way to usher in change and appreciate the new season is to spend time in nature. Now, I’m fortunate to live in a very temperate climate, but even San Diego gets cold in the winter (to us natives anyway). It does wonders for your body and your mood to get time outside. For those of you that live in a climate where spring has hit according to the calendar, but not according to the weather, whenever it is sunny, get outside, even if you’re wearing a coat. Go for a walk, or just find somewhere comfortable to sit outside. 

Envision the energy of the sun filling your body, and clearing your winter self away. Imagine what you can do when the temperatures get up, and how you can enjoy outside more. Give yourself something to look forward to. Plus, sitting outside (without your phone) is an incredible way to connect with yourself. Feel the sun, feel the wind, and take steady, deep breaths. Check-in with yourself. A new season has dawned. What is working in your life that you can keep, and what do you need to change? What needs refreshing? 

Embrace the beauty of this season, and the idea of change and renewal. How can you renew yourself this spring? What do you want to change? What dreams can you focus on?

Personally, I’m committed to spending more time outside, and putting energy into creative work endeavours! 

In Gratitude, 



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