Surrender to Magic!

May 4, 2023

Written by Robin Lee

Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies.


Surrender is the theme of 2023. Since the beginning of the year, the energetics of the world is all about resistance and surrender. In fact, the theme of surrender was the primary focus of my work and what I shared on social media in January.

As we continue through this year, I wanted to circle back to this theme of resistance and surrender. It’s a really important concept to understand and practice in our lives.

Many of my clients are surprised at my frequent reminders of the need to give ourselves permission to do things. I frequently have to remind myself to give myself permission to do things, and to put things into practice.

No one learns a new habit overnight. It takes time, consistent effort, and honestly, frequent reminders of the goal we want to achieve. As much as we all wish we could have a magic wand to wave to change things instantaneously, that’s not something that exists. I really want to get across the idea that when we stop resisting, when we surrender, we gift ourselves magic.

When we surrender to the present moment we allow ourselves to stop fighting what is holding us back, what is holding us down. When we surrender we allow room for magic in our lives. When we surrender and we create space, there’s room for new things. New things are what life is all about- the beauty in change and exploring.

To find healing, we need to surrender more. To control less. To avoid less. To honor what was and what is.

This especially applies to buried emotions and decisions we are avoiding making. When we avoid stuff, it only grows bigger. Emotions we try to ignore dig in deeper and do more damage. The longer we avoid making a necessary decision- the more we keep ourselves in an unhealthy stagnant state.

A really good way to allow yourself more energy to surrender is to take a big item off your plate that is adding pressure. It’s remarkable how much space external and internal pressure takes up. What’s a big decision you’ve been avoiding making? What’s something you’re afraid to acknowledge? Is there something in your life that is adding excessive pressure?

When we resist, we feel tight. We feel pressured, we feel clogged up, we feel overwhelmed. When we are really resisting, we tend to feel so much anxiety and tension that we physically tense as well. Our jaw clenches, our shoulders get tight, and we’re more prone to headaches created by this physical tension. Check-in with your body right now. Wiggle your jaw, drop and roll your shoulders, twist your back gently, and wiggle your fingers.

Take those deep breaths I always talk about, close your eyes, and lay your hands wherever you feel called to. Where is that resistance and tension sitting in your body? What are you avoiding dealing with? You’ll know pretty quickly. Choose a date in the next few weeks to address that thing you’re resisting if you know you absolutely can’t do it today.

Do whatever you need to do to remove that pressure from yourself, and surrender to whatever comes up in its place.

Surrender is flow and peace of mind. Surrender means accepting what is and honoring emotions and realities. Surrender is letting things be as they naturally are, without control and restriction.

When we surrender to what is, we find healing.

What does surrender look like to you?

In Gratitude,


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