Intuitive Nutritional Consulting and Emotional Healing: How does it all work?

Over the past 20 years, I have studied with many wonderful teachers. During this time, I have learned much about the different modalities of healing and nutrition. Naturally, without an in depth knowledge of how the body works and what is necessary to keep it in balance, this type of work would be impossible.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not like pulling answers from the sky.

With specific questions in mind, I am able to quiet myself in a special manner, called “clearing,” and I align my body’s energies so that there is a very quiet space inside of me.

From that place, I am able to access information of all sorts. In a nutritional session, I am able to simply ask that a client’s energy be brought in front of me. It’s important that I understand what is happening at that current time.
So I begin to ask questions directly to the body:

“How is the body doing?”
“What is the body feeling?”

In this quiet space the body communicates back to me and the answers begin to easily flow. If you have particular questions to be answered, this is a great opportunity to ask them.

I take notes and create an integrated picture from all the pieces.

I can then create a program designed from the particular information that was communicated. The program will help you understand what to eat and what to avoid, and what priorities need adjustment (in both diet and lifestyle).

The healing is quite simple. The body wants to be listened to — as do all people and living beings.

It’s important to know that if we listen to the body instead of trying to fix or control it-our healing will be rapid. People often want to know how my work is validated since it is coming from a place of intuition.

Many will begin with doubts I always ask clients to pretend that I am just a “normal” nutritional consultant working in a very different way.

They will know it’s valid by the results they begin to see and also by how the session resonates and feels. Your body knows exactly what you need at any given time. I am just able to help you access it.

My client’s testimonials often can explain more about this work than myself because they have experienced it for themselves! (Which oddly, I have not!).

When one chooses to work using intuition — there is a very strong sense of empowerment that comes from knowing you play a very important role in your healing and how your body is feeling.

This work isn’t about you listening to me. It is about you hearing your own body and listening to your own wisdom. As we work together you will begin to learn for yourself how to hear, listen and respect yourself as well.

Pain is not a normal part of life. Pain is a part of imbalance in the body.

Menstrual cramps, headaches, constipation, anemia are not a normal part of a healthy body. It is the body’s way of trying to get you to listen.

Do you choose to listen or do you choose to make it quiet by taking things to cover up the signs or language your body is using? Do you tell yourself this is all a normal part of aging?

Life is what you create. If you want to create a body that starts falling apart as it ages — your body will be happy to listen to you.

But please don’t think this is normal.

Although most people don’t realize it, this is a choice that is created when people choose not to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

I also work with those who have immaculate diets and have no signs of imbalance in the physical way they take care of themselves, and yet they may feel as if something is missing, as if there is something more they could be doing, as if there were “a better way.”

This calls for a special type of session: a creative lifestyle session.

During these sessions, we allow the body to relax through breathing and other helpful modalities. Different techniques are used in the various sessions, and, as the body relaxes — it will begin to communicate what it is that’s causing the imbalance.

Chronic problems that are emotional in nature can be remedied by allowing the body to relax and open up to guide us into a very unique place of healing.

Once there is clarity and the body feels it can be heard — a whole level of empowerment and optimism are allowed to be created.

Our bodies are vessels meant to be open and flowing. All too often we allow our bodies to restrict. When this happens, imbalance begins to occur like an obstructed river that has a huge boulder in its path.

The path is then forced to change and flow indirectly. This metaphor applies nicely to the energy flow of the body.

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