Intentions are Magical

February 22, 2021

Written by Robin Lee

Robin Lee is a medical intuitive, author, mentor, gratitude advocate, and speaker who has helped thousands of people around the world understand the language of their bodies.

The last time I reached out we talked about habits and the way they create your future. Today I would like to share something really important and very related.

Intentions Align Action to Purpose

During the Reboot you will start working with Intentions quite a bit! For many people this is completely new, for others they have used intentions here or there.

I love setting intentions for everything I do! When I fold laundry I focus on the love I want my family to feel when I take care of them. When I start my day I set intentions around feeling joy in my heart, or compassion, or abundance.

The beautiful thing about intentions is that they help you clarify your values and your purpose.

When you are clear about your intentions it becomes so easy to know what to do, and more importantly how do do it.

During the Reboot we work with intentions, and talk about how and why they are creating the results you see. I help you set more powerful intentions, and understand what might be holding you back from a more impactful vision.

Learning about intentions is subtle, but that’s exactly what the Reboot is for! We make it easy.

By dedicating a week to learning how intentions affect your results, with the support of a medical intuitive and a tribe of Rebooters doing it with you, you can create amazing shifts!

Consider joining us on the next 7-day Reboot, to give your body a chance to show you what happens when you live and eat as if what you are feeding it matters.

There is so much more you will experience during the Reboot! Find out what to expect by visiting the website.

Learn More about the Reboot:


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