Intuitive Emotional Healing

A long time ago, when the pace of life was much slower, when there wasn’t a medical industry, it was natural and easy for a person to “listen” to his or her body to know what was needed. Today, the pace of life is so much faster, and we are so much busier and out of touch with nature, that many of us don’t realize that our bodies still have that same innate ability. We simply need to get back in touch with it.

Unfortunately, the fields of medicine and drugs have become a money-motivated business rather than having the health of people as their first goal. The goal is no longer to make people well, but to get them to keep coming back and most importantly, to keep paying.

While the holistic world believes that pharmaceuticals do more harm than good, I don’t totally disregard mainstream drugs to help a problem in the short term. I do think that using prescriptions over the long term is often completely unnecessary and possibly very harmful. I think a better course can be found by “checking in” with our bodies regularly. By using emotional and nutritional adjustments, we can be our own healers.

Why nutritional adjustments work may be obvious: if you are eating wholesome, nutritious foods that are in accordance with what your body needs (instead of foods that fight your body) you will have more energy to spend on getting and staying well, instead of just not getting sick.

But why emotional adjustments work may not be as obvious. Our emotional state of mind affects every organ and cell in our body. As much of us have heard, stress is indeed bad for your body. However, most of us don’t realize the cumulative impact of guilt, shame, anxiety, fear, doubt and other negative emotions on our physical and mental states. Through guidance and understanding, most emotional issues are “curable”, making the long term use of medications unnecessary.

Through my work and extensive experience, you will be able to improve the choices you make in your life by nourishing your body and mind. After time, you will be able to “hear” your own wisdom and intuition to help resolve your problems. Many of my clients have been to doctors and psychologist or psychiatrists just to be left with an unhelpful diagnosis of “stress or anxiety.” In reality, these people were simply not nourishing their bodies or minds properly. Often, by simply making small changes in diet as well a perception, my clients have improved both their mental and physical states in short periods of time. Many people come to me to address a physical problem only to find that there is an emotional issue at its root. In this society, we tend to repress emotional issues. Often. we are taught to TOUGH IT OUT AND GET OVER IT.

Have you ever tried to find out the amount of people in the United States on antidepressants? It’s not good news! Some surveys show that as many as HALF the people in the U.S. are on mood-altering medication. It is a coincidence that unexplained cancer rates are so high?

The best time to deal with emotional issues is when they are small: BEFORE they become physical ailments, before we resort to medications.

Over the years, I have learned the ability to teach others how to honor and take responsibility for each of our destines. I am naturally a high intuitive and empathetic person; I can feel what is happening inside of you just as if it were myself. Putting false modestly aside, you will find it quite amazing to spend an hour with me. Once you realize that I not only understand what you have been through, but what I have the tools to help you out of that place and into a place that you want to create, you want to create, you will feel completely safe and at peace.

In much the same way as I feel what is happening in the body, I am also able to see “pictures” of your current emotions and their sources. Together, we will be able to help guide you to the emotional state you want to be. You will be able to address negativity and “hear” what the body needs to help release it. Depending on the situation, we may use a variety of techniques from certain breathing commitments, to exercises, journaling, working with essential oils and many other methods.

You will find that working on the emotional level with me is very exciting and rewarding all at the same time. You will notice results in your state of mind relatively early on in the work. You will find a sense of peace and hope that somehow starts to flash in and out that you may have thought you would never experience again.

I cannot tell you how many times I have worked with people who have told me: “THIS IS JUST WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU GET OLDER or LIFE IS HARD AND YOU NEED TO LEARN TO JUST DEAL WITH IT” (or words to that effect).

In just a few sessions you will realize you have the power to expand beyond those limitations. Can you remember a time in your childhood were you felt anything was possible?

This is the gift that doing emotional healing brings! Not only will you feel anything is possible– you will begin to get rid of the blocks in the way of you creating whatever it is you want. When you are in harmony, your mind and body are at peace with each other and your environment.

Let’s check your being right now.. WHERE ARE YOU?

Please remember, whatever you dream you can live.