intuitive nutritional consulting

Intuitive nutritional counseling uses the powerful tool of INTUITION to confirm and create a specific program designed for each individual.  The experience is similar to working with a “normal” nutritional consultant, except an intuitive uses the gift of intuition to design a unique program on a per person basis, rather than rely on “rules” to generalize about what is probably best for a person.  As an intuitive I am able to scan (or sense) the body.  First, I scan the organs to get a feel for any imbalance.  Next I scan other areas of the body to detect any deficiencies or excesses in any particular vitamins, amino acids or minerals.  I also check for sensitivities or allergies to any particular foods.

After the necessary information is gathered, I am able to create a program simply by listening to the needs of your body.

For example, if there is a deficiency, I am able to determine:
• How does this affect the body?
• What does the body need to heal it?
• Is a healing modality needed?
• A particular food or supplement?
These answers all depend on the particular needs of a client at a particular time.

Many clients come to me with health issues wanting to know the reason or origin of a physical imbalance. Again, by listening to the body, I am able to “hear” what is causing the imbalance, and I am usually able to determine what is necessary to clear this up.

This addresses the physical, but what about EMOTIONAL HEALING?