Workshop – Inner Strength and Self Confidence Crystal Intentional Healing Bracelet


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Feb 12th 3PM PST (6PM EST)

Create your personalized bracelet.

After a meditation to clear stress from the body and help it reset back to a place of openness and balance Robin Lee will lead you through handcrafting your Intentional Healing Bracelet and setting your powerful intention for it.

This bracelet is made of Tiger’s Eye for supporting self confidence and inner strength.

Create your personalized Inner Strength and Self Confidence Intentional Healing Bracelet.

Join Robin Lee for a live workshop where you will be guided through an Inner Strength and Self Confidence meditation to focus your intention for this lovely bracelet. By guiding you through every step of the crafting process you can charge your bracelet with the affirmation you personally need to create a powerful Intentional Healing Bracelet.

The affirmation we are working with during this session is "I am capable and focused."

The stone we are working with is Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful grounding stone that helps provide clarity. When we take moments to ground ourselves, we are naturally provided with clarity because we are choosing to connect inward. Grounding is naturally calming and has positive benefits for the immune system. Grounding can also create more physical energy and provide clarity which will support a positive mental focus. When you re-frame your focus in such a powerful way you will see a difference in the way you approach challenges in your life, and will be able to handle them in a more optimistic and confident way.

The only stone we’ll be using for this bracelet will be Tiger's Eye. The focus of this stone is self confidence and inner strength. When you wear this bracelet after the workshop, you will feel supported, calm, and grounded.

Tiger's Eye is a wonderful stone to gently support and heal issues of your heart chakra - both emotional and physical. Wearing this incredible stone on your wrist is a great way of reminding you to be true to yourself. You being true to yourself is the greatest act of self love there is.

To gently ground your root chakra you can wear your bracelet everyday or whenever you need a visual reminder of your powerful affirmation. Your bracelet will remind you to be true to yourself. Being true to yourself is the greatest act of self love there is.

What's the difference between an Intentional Healing Bracelet and a gemstone bracelet?

A gemstone bracelet looks the same as an Intentional Healing Bracelet. The difference lies in what you get out of them.

Regular gemstone bracelets are just as pretty, and have a milder energy about them. With an Intentional Healing Bracelet, you infuse your bracelet with a strong and healing intention. It becomes a very powerful reminder, and there is beautiful energy behind positive intentions. As you craft your bracelet every part of it absorbs your intention, to help direct the power of the crystals and focus your own energy as you wear it.

About the Crystals: Lotus

The bracelet has a beautiful metal lotus charm detail. The lotus represents strength and resilience, so it is a perfect addition to this bracelet. Each lotus plant roots itself in the mud, and rises with strength through often murky water until the flower bud reaches the surface. Once the flower recognizes fresh air and sunlight, it blooms. These beautiful flowers open each day, and close each night.
The symbolism of the lotus flower is magnificent, and a beautiful reminder of the strength and resilience we all have, and the healing power of starting each day as a clean slate.

What to Expect in this Workshop

You will be mailed everything you need to craft your bracelet, expect it to arrive the week before the workshop.

You will call into a Zoom link on the day and time of the workshop, you will be emailed the link the week before and again on the day of the event.

Once everyone has joined, we’ll begin by doing a guided ritual and meditation to clear stress from the body and help it reset back to a place of harmony and balance.

As we become balanced we will get clarity on the intention we are working with for creating your bracelet.

Next Robin Lee will lead you through handcrafting your Intentional Healing Bracelet bead by bead.

Last you will be guided on setting you intention for your bracelet.


The Workshop Details:

Once you sign up, you will receive supplies for your Intentional Healing Bracelet Including a Ritual Kit that includes a teabag to make a lovely cup of tea for our time together, a candle, and some sage or palo santo.


Everything you need to make the bracelet you see in the photo will be included!

Date and Time

On Feb 12th 3PM PST (6PM EST) we will meet up on Zoom, beginning our time together


After the Event

All participants will receive an email with a link to the video recording, in case you can't make it to the live event or if you want to use for guided meditation, or simply to review the process.

Don't worry! If for some reason you aren't able to attend during that time just use the video link when you are able, so you can participate at your leisure.

We highly encourage all of you to post photos of your bracelet after it’s completed, and tag Robin in the photo!


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