Day 1 Reboot

Good Morning and Happy Day One of your Reboot!

We use the word Reboot for this experience because the next seven days will reconnect you to the wisdom of your body and tune you back into the Heart of your emotions.

It is so easy to get disconnected – feeling stagnant, spacey, depressed, low energy, and simply put-not feeling like ourselves.

As we focus on the wonderful journey together, every day we will find a little bit more of ourselves and celebrate the journey together!

Please be patient with yourself today!
Today, day 1, is a day that can lead to frustration as we want to do it all right and perfect AND SELDOM DOES THAT HAPPEN!

We are committed to doing the best that we can for the next 7 days. Take a deep breath. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

This week will be amazing for you.

Commit to focusing with the intention to heal this week Reboots are time and energy consuming until you get into the groove.

Day One is a great day to get into the groove.

If you feel rushed today, take a deep breath and reset.

Making space for change is an important piece of our journey this week.

Commit to making space every morning to watch the videos before you get started with your day. The videos are informative and incredibly helpful. The videos carry a beautiful energy that is grounding and focusing to prepare us for the day ahead.

Today’s video will be talking about the importance of creating an intention for our journey together and why it is so important to do so.

Make a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy !

ps Today we have a LIVE at 3 pm / 7 pm est!

Big Hugs!

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