Day 2 Reboot

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Setting Your Intention

Good Morning and Happy Day 2 of your Reboot!

Give yourself a huge hug or high five for making it to Day 2 of the Reboot! Funny as this may sound – a lot of people don’t make it to day 2 on their first Reboot.


Well a conversation happened last night in their head that sounded something like this- and they listened to that conversation.
“You know – this isn’t what I signed up for. I had no idea that it would take the focus and energy that it is taking. it isn’t worth the time or energy. I cant’ do it. ”

Then they wake up today and start their day with the cup of coffee instead of warm lemon water or tea.

Let’s not do this.

It’s a normal thing to resist change. WE ALL RESIST CHANGE.


To heal-we must have courage and create room for change.
To heal – we must slow down and pay attention and be curious to the things that happen in and around us.

To heal, we must be open minded and new learn things about ourselves.

This is what the week ahead is designed to do.

The Reboot week is designed to heal you.

We are so used to living on auto pilot in our lives that it is incredibly easy to forget that our bodies are living beings and we have the ability to hear messages that they share- and that we can take actions to heal our bodies from the inside out!

When we are tired, it is a wonderful reminder to stop and listen. To ask questions. To be curious why we are feeling this way and what does our body need to feel supported by us.

This week you will learn to communicate with your body.

To communicate-we must create room in our minds and hearts to listen.

Today’s video is going to talk about the healing power of creating space in our day for ourselves and how healing is near impossible if we don’t choose to make this a priority.

Get your cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the next 10 minutes with me!

Before you click on the link however- please remind yourself of your intention. WHY you are choosing to commit to this Reboot this week.

Every morning -this is such an important thing to do so we don’t just do it ” because we are committed.”

Let’s put our hearts into this experience.

Why did you commit to this Reboot?

Big Hugs!

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