Day 3 Reboot

Good morning and happy Day 3 of our Reboot!
It is a GREAT DAY to be alive!
We are so blessed to be here!
Day 3 of the Reboot is where the gears start to shift and the healing starts to get a bit deeper.
In yesterday’s email I had mentioned how on some level we all resist change.
Well, when our healing process steps up a level-like it will on this wonderful third day of the reboot, our body will often tighten up or hold on to what it is used to.
Today is an important day to not only take space for ourselves- but to prioritize movement.
Movement helps the body stay rooted in going with the flow .
Movement helps blood and lumphs pump through the body and get the toxins out. With the help of a gentle walk or light exercise session, our energy will be able to release toxins in a more graceful manner than if we choose to not make that a priority.
Today is a day where it is common to see stagnation happen in bowel movements. Often times gas and bloating can also accompany this.
Besides exercise, for on making sure you are relaxing while you are eating,that you are eating enough food, and that you are staying properly hydrated.
Today’s video we will focus a bit more on the subject of movement and exercise because it is so very important.
Rebooting and detoxing doesn’t have to be painful and uncomfortable.
Please note that exercise should be light and gentle this week. We want to use the energy that would normally be used toward exertion of energy to focus on healing the organs from the inside out.
The body is working hard this week to clear out things that it no longer needs!
Get your cup of tea and come enjoy today’s video.
Remember to create those intentions!
Today we will have a live at 3 pm Pst/ 4 pm Est! I hope you can make it!

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