Day 4 Reboot

Good morning! Happy Day 4 of our Reboot!
Today is a very important day in our Reboot. As our body releases toxins , it is common to experience along with it some uncomfortable emotions.

This is all on track for a profound healing experience.This is a very big surprise for a lot of participants.

I am intrigued to find how many people are surprised that emotions become more on the surface as we head deeper into the Reboot week.
Yes yes yes!
Today is the day for that emotional process to start getting activated.
Our emotions, and how we process them, is a critical piece to maintaining a healthy body.
As surprising or intriguing as this is – It is a HUGE piece of our healing process.
Today’s video is a powerful one.
I know you will enjoy it and will find it immensely helpful for the days ( and your life ) ahead.
Those intentions are looking awesome!

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