Day 7 Reboot

You made it to day seven of your Reboot!
Am I seeing what I think I am seeing ? YOU BET I AM! YOU look great dancing and celebrating how proud you are of yourself.
Give yourself permission right now to truly acknowledge with gratitude and pride how happy you are that you followed through with your commitment!
Through the ups and the downs-your body , your mind , your spirit has had a profound shift and reboot this past week!

Today’s video I wanted to focus on the healing power of gratitude,
It is a simple habit that  we can do every day to create a healthy mental attitude that affects our physical and emotional health in profound ways.
The consistent habits in our days create the quality of lives that we get to live.
We are so blessed to be here!
We are so blessed to be alive!
We are so blessed to have these wonderful bodies to take care of!
Once you are done focusing on those wonderful intentions, get that cup of tea and lets spend a little time focusing on gratitude today!
Cheers to our final day of the Reboot!

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