March 19 – March 25

Nurture Yourself

Spring Reboot

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March 19 – March 25

Gift yourself a week of self-care to rejuvenate your spirit and reconnect to your body’s natural healing abilities.

Registration closes March 11,
give you time to order your supplements.

Why Reboot

Why Reboot

What to Expect

Allow yourself to stop and remember how you want to feel…

“Maybe I could feel more energized, less constipated, gassy, and bloated, maybe my menstrual symptoms can balance out a bit, maybe I could get a better quality of sleep”

This Reboot is so much more than a detox or cleanse, it is an intuitively designed week of healing body, mind, and spirit.

This reboot is focusing on stress reduction, helping re-balance the central nervous system, and focus on healing the physical heart.

Designed to enhance your normal week, this Reboot introduces you to new habits and a nutritious diet to elevate your healing process. By following this intuitively inspired protocol your body will relax, you will connect with your own intuition, and your body’s natural healing systems will be supported.

Wake up with a nurturing ritual to ground your body and greet the day. Read the daily email while enjoying your morning meal and watch the video to guide your intention for the day.

During the day you will follow the protocol for eating food and supplements.

You will check the forum once or twice a day to see what other Rebooters are experiencing and ask your own questions. You will get daily support from Robin Lee on the forum.

In the evenings you will follow a relaxation ritual to support your healing process and help your body let go of the day’s stresses.

You will notice shifts in your body, mind, and spirit as the days pass. This is normal. A beautiful part of the reboot is honoring your experience, and that’s the first step to reconnecting with your intuition.


Meal Plan

You will receive a meal plan to follow for seven days. It outlines what types of foods, which supplements, and how much of each to take in during the day.

The recipes and foods listed are intuitively chosen for each Reboot because they support your healing focus of the Reboot.

You will purchase your own supplies for the reboot, including food and supplements.


Our recipes support your experience by taking the healing foods we are giving our bodies and turning them into delicious meals.

You will receive a variety of recipes that are simple to make and delicious. This is an opportunity to get out of your old habits and nurture yourself.

New Habits

An important part of rebooting is creating space for self care.

Part of the daily protocol you will follow  includes specific habits to support your health and allow your body to relax. When the body can relax the body can heal.

Plan to dedicate at least an extra 30 minutes each day to yourself. During that time you may be journaling, meditating, or listening to your body.


Join our Reboot community online. You’ll get support every step of the way as Robin Lee answers your questions on the forum.

Other Rebooters will share stories, recipes, and ideas. You’ll get insight into your own process by seeing what others are experiencing. The dynamics and relationships that begin to grow are as priceless as the support received.

Daily Videos

As part of your daily emails, you will receive videos to walk you through what to expect for that day and why the reboot is structured the way it is.

The videos explain the shifts you are experiencing both physically and spiritually. They include exercises are designed to strengthen your intuitive process and help you make the most of your experience.


Your body will love being pampered. After a week of nutritious meals and supportive supplements you will feel energized and more connected.

Reboots are free of all animal products, including dairy.

Enjoy learning how to fuel your body with delicious and healthy food.

March 19 - March 25

Registration closes March 11,
give you time to order your supplements.

Can I Do This?

Yes!! You’ve got this! This is a gift of self-love.

Regardless of what level of diet or health you are at, you can most definitely do this!

Every aspect of our Reboots is wonderfully nurturing, and you will see benefits no matter what your starting point is.

You will be supported every day through videos, emails, and our forum.  Ask Robin Lee questions about your personal experience on the forum for direct support and guidance.

Tips for Your Success

Slow Down

Plan to slow down. Think of this week as a gift to your self focused on self care.

You will take time every morning to be mindful, greet the day, and watch the morning video. You will create beautiful meals to nurture your body. You will listen to your internal guidance. You will learn healthy habits for winding down in the evenings.

Plan Ahead

During the week or two before the reboot plan to spend some time ordering and organizing.

You will want to  order supplements in advance. Delivery times may vary, and inventory may change. Ordering ahead of time will make this process smoother for you.

Planning your meals will support your relaxation, because you are cooking recipes that are new to you. A few days before the reboot you can make one or two soups and freeze them to eat later.


Taper off Caffeine

Yes, this week is caffeine and alcohol free. You are giving your body space and learning to listen to what it needs, so we want to eliminate anything that artificially affects your energy.

About a week before the reboot start tapering off of caffeine, so you don’t get headaches.

Try New Foods

One of the wonderful things about the reboot is the recipe list, getting exposed to so many yummy (and nutritious!) meals.

I suggest that beginners pick one blended meal, one soup, and one dressing to try out during their first few days of the reboot.

Remember, you are making new habits!

Welcome Rebooters!

I am very focused on helping you take full responsibility for the power you hold in your healing process, your health, and your life. I want to help you understand a completely different way to love and support your body.

This is such a wonderful gift to yourself. We are going to nurture and be gentle to our bodies for our seven days together.

I am so excited to join you on this amazing journey!

-Robin Lee

March 19 - March 25

Registration closes March 11,
give you time to order your supplements.

Meet Some Joyful Rebooters!

“On my first reboot in 2012 I loved how nurtured I felt so I kept coming back.

Since then my experience has deepened, and creating this healing space for myself during Reboot week has been a catalyst for some profound inner growth”

Kathleen Seide, St. Petersburg, FL

“I wholeheartedly believe in what Robin does, and I continually recommend her services, without any reservation, to my family and friends.”

Tanna Kelton, Charlotte, Vermont

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Free Download: Healing Rituals

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You'll receive two of the Healing Rituals used during the Reboot.

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Free Download: Healing Rituals

Try a little healing magic today.

You'll receive two of the Healing Rituals used during our Reboots.

Why not commit to adding them to your routine for a week, to see how nurturing it can be?


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