Welcome Rebooters!

You hold the power in your healing process, your health, and your life. I’m excited to help you understand a completely different way to love and support your body.

We are going to nurture and be gentle to our bodies for our seven days together.

I am so grateful to join you on this amazing journey!

Each section below will help you through your week. There are recipes, your daily protocol, and tips for preparing foods. You can download them as one file here or as separate files using the buttons in each section below.

-Robin Lee

Getting Ready for the Reboot

To have the best outcome and the deepest level of comfort during your Reboot I recommend that  you give yourself about two weeks to prepare for your Reboot before it begins.

This will give you time for the supplements you order to ship to you. It also is a wonderful  time to taper off of caffiene, sugar, and alcohol. You can also make a few meals and freeze them so you don’t have as much to prepare daily during the Reboot.
By spending a little time preparing you will create a huge amount grace for yourself during your Reboot.

Start Stocking Up

Two weeks before your Reboot begins you will want to order your supplements and supplies. Delivery times may vary for online orders, and inventory may change. Ordering ahead of time will make this process smoother for you and ensure you have everything you need on day one.

Check your email for the supplements list. I recommend these particular brands and products based on what I have seen to be most productive, for best results.

A day or two before the Reboot plan to make a shopping trip for all your fresh groceries.

Taper off Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sugar

Yes, this Reboot week is caffeine, sugar, and alcohol free. You are giving your body space and learning to listen to what it needs, so we want to eliminate anything that artificially affects your energy.
If you taper off your usage over 1-2 weeks before the Reboot starts you shouldn’t feel any side affects (like headaches) that you will see if you stop everything at once.

Slow Down

Plan to slow down. Think of this week as a gift to your self focused on self care.
You will take time every morning to be mindful, greet the day, and watch the morning video. You will create beautiful meals to nurture your body. You will listen to your internal guidance. You will learn healthy habits for winding down in the evenings.


Try New Foods

One of the wonderful things about the Reboot is the recipe list, getting exposed to yummy (and nutritious!) meals.
I suggest that beginners pick one blended meal, one soup, and one dressing to try out during their first few days of the Reboot.

Planning some meals ahead will support your relaxation during the week, because you are cooking recipes that are new to you. Pick one or two new recipes that will freeze well so you can make them a week early and eat them later.

Remember, you are making new habits!

Healing Rituals

An important part of Rebooting is creating space for self care.

You’ll be guided through the process of creating these moments in your day.

Plan to dedicate 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening to yourself each day. During that time you may be journaling, meditating, or listening to your body.

Making space to allow your body to relax is so important for your healing process. When the body can relax the body can heal.

Daily Protocol

The Daily Protocol walks you through each day of your Reboot, letting you know what foods and supplements to eat at which times of the day.

Click on the link to download your copy. You can print it or keep it on your phone to reference during the day.

Remember to take breaks throughout the day to reset and connect to your body.


While creating these recipes, I tried to keep things pretty basic for you.

You have so many options that will be tasty… and you could prepare them ahead and leave for a day or two in an airtight container in your fridge.

We want this detox to be as easy as possible for you.

Helpful Tips for You

How to Prepare Dried Beans and Seeds

Pre-soak all dried nuts and beans. This makes them easier to digest.

1/2 c. raw nuts or seeds
Cover with 3 cups water
Let soak overnight
First thing in the morning, rinse well, drain

Food Serving Sizes

Vegetables: At least 6 servings daily, except the few on the list that are limited to 3 servings max.

Fats and Oils: 2-3 Servings daily

Proteins: 2-3 Servings Daily, 1/2 to 3/4 cup is a serving

Enjoy bananas in blended drinks only.

Onions and Garlic may be consumed while on the detox, however they will stimulate food cravings and appetite. It is much easier to cleanse without having onions and garlic. For the more intense day so of the detox (days 3, 4, and 5) it’s best to avoid them.

Spices and Herbs

Feel free to add lime and apple cider vinegar on anything you want for flavoring. All spices are fine to use, as is apple cider vinegar.

Please don’t use other types of vinegar during the cleanse.

Fresh herbs are delicious and easy to use. Feel free to add them to any meal.

Make Time to Eat

Take time to sit down, take your time, chew well when you are eating food.

Please do not eat on the run. Give yourself time every day to support your body’s rejuvenation process.


I recommend these particular brands and products based on what I have seen to be most productive, for best results.

To make the process simple you can purchase from my Amazon List. This year we have added everything to one Amazon list to make your life a little easier..

Just click on the button and put the whole list into your cart – one of each is plenty.

Choose Your Fiber
The only item you need to think about is to decide which fiber supplement you prefer (you only need one of them).

Teas & Other Supplies

This link includes some supplies you may not have for the Reboot as well as some teas you may enjoy.

These are optional for the reboot but are nice to have casually throughout the day.

The Gaia Sleep and Relax Tea is highly recommended as part of your bedtime relaxation ritual.

Grocery List

Here is an easy to use checklist of the foods included in this reboot. You don’t have to bring everything on this list home, but it is a good idea to have a wide selection to choose from so you can get creative.

A suggestion to get started… pick out 2 or 3 recipes and 2 dressings you’d like to try and make sure you have everything you need to make them.

Download this list and take it with you to the store, to help you keep track during your shopping trip.

You can mark the items you need to buy for a particular recipe, or check off the items you’ve bought.


Daily Videos

Welcome to the Reboot!

Each day of the Reboot there is a new video for you. This is important to help you focus your intentions for what you want to recive from this Reboot, as well as insight into what changes you may be experiencing.
Daily Video will be delivered by email and also posted below.

Healing Rituals

During your day you can take the opportunity to make space for a healing ritual. It is an opportunity to make space to listen to your body, reconnect to yourself, and recharge.

Cup of Tea

A simple cup of tea can turn into a heavenly ritual!

How can this be?

Find your favorite cup to use for your tea, light a candle, and put on some of your favorite music.

Sit down and take a few deep breaths.

Breathing in relaxation, exhaling out stress.

Take this time to be device free so that you can tune inward, focusing on how grateful your body is that you are taking the time to heal.

Body Scrubs

Whether it is a homemade salt or sugar scrub you use, or a store bought one, body scrubs are a wonderful healing ritual.

Taking time to focus on your body as the scrubs lifts away dead skin and creates room for healing the lymph nodes and de-stress your mind.

Salt scrubs offer minerals to support the nervous system and help it relax as well as slough away old skin.

Why are you doing this scrub?

Create an intention. When you scrub your skin gently what are you wanting to clear and remove? Rituals stem from creating intentions.

I love scrubbing before a shower or bath soak.

Sitting down, closing my eyes, deep breathing-imagining my body is releasing toxins as I gently scrub the skin on the top of my feet in circular motions up to the center of my chest, then finishing with my hands up my arms toward my heart.

To use scrubs for detoxing and clearing-always think of moving the energy TOWARD the heart.

Be VERY CAREFUL to not play slip and slide in your bathroom or tub because the scrubs can be a bit slippery.

Epsom Salt or Bath Soak

Put your electronic devices away and allow yourself to unplug for the next 20 minutes.

Dim the lights.

Take a few minutes to sit and relax while your bath is filling. Add whatever salts or Healing Bath Bombs you are wanting to use.
Perhaps you can light a candle, set an intention, and take some nice healing breaths as you wait for your bath tub to fill.

Submerge your shoulders under the water, close your eyes, and breathe in through the nose positive healing energy and exhale anything that no longer serves you.

Take slow big deep relaxing breaths.

The water will relax your body and surround you with healing minerals and loving energy so that your body can release any stress, tension, and toxins it no longer needs.

Once you feel your time is done unplug the drain and imagine all of the toxins and energy you have released to go down the drain.

Focus on this thought…



My body is calm and relaxed



Skin Brush

You’ll need a use small circles from the bottoms of the feet all the way up to the heart – always heading toward the heart. Then focus on moving from the hands up the arms to the heart (just like the scrubs).

This helps clean out lymph system and promote create circulation and glowing skin.

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