Healing Bracelets

Each healing bracelet is handmade by Robin Lee and infused with loving, positive energy. Every bracelet is made with authentic stones and comes with a tea bag, a piece of plain palo santo, wrapped with lots of love.

They look beautiful whether they are worn alone or stacked, and they feel grounding and supportive because they are a great way to remind the person wearing them that they are supported every moment of everyday.

Once Robin Lee gets clear on what stones and layout to use, she creates them in a quiet environment and infuses them with positive intention, seeing the person wearing it happy, light, and free.

Bracelets are made on elastic cord. It is best to remove the bracelet before taking showers, baths and swimming.

All bracelets include shipping to the US.

Sage Healing Wands

Sage Healing Wands are an incredible tool for clearing stagnant energy out of your environment or around your aura.
A little goes a long way when you are using a sage wand. One wand will last quite some time.

Palo Santo

When we are stressed and feeling overwhelmed, burning Palo Santo is said to clear agitated, stressed, and harmful energy making room for positive healing energies, and allow you to approach things with an unburdened mind


Listen Up! Your Heart Is Speaking

Listen Up! Your Heart Is Speaking is a guidebook that teaches you how to honor the inner wisdom of your heart and connect to your own truth.

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