Gratitude Is A Way Of Life

Gratitude Is A Way Of Life

Hello!  Today, I wanted to take a moment and talk about Gratitude, and why I believe it’s an important practice for everyone. It’s a practice that has been the backbone of my life and my business for many, many years now. I cannot imagine my life without the...
Choosing Positivity in a Pandemic

Choosing Positivity in a Pandemic

In a situation like this pandemic that we are dealing with, there are a lot of positives that can come out of this if we choose to see them. For example, because of the lock-down in California there are so many things I have learned about where I spend my time and my...

The Power of Gratitude…Gratitude Heals!

Every night on Facebook and Twitter, I hold Gratitude Parties. Gratitude Parties are where people from all over the world take time to share three things they are grateful for. I find myself often sitting back with a cup of tea enjoying reading the gems of gratitude...

Choices and Gratitude

Someone I was having lunch with today asked me what I felt was the most important lesson I had yet learned in my life. I took a few moments to answer that and came to conclude it was between two lessons. The first was that there is always a choice. Over the past...

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