Compassion and Comparison

Compassion and Comparison

There’s one thing I wanted to briefly touch on, as we’re in the early stages of the New Year. While the reality is January 1st is just another day, there’s always a special feeling when the clock turns past midnight, and you know you’re in a new month, and a new year....

Are You A Pollyanna?

What can I say? Maybe I am Pollyanna… or maybe I am just really committed to enjoying the life I have been given. Whatever it is… I love that part of my personality. I love being able to flip things easily in my mind to see how the moment is supporting me where it is...

Inhale Self Love, Exhale Self-Criticism

Have you ever thought about how hard you can be on yourself? Take a minute now. Start with a deep breath, and think about how many times, just today, that you’ve been hard on yourself. What about this week? This month? When was the last time you chiseled out a little...

How to Judge Less and Love More

Mother Teresa said, “If you are judging others, you have no time to love them.” There is one thing that I know for certain… and that is that I am my own worst critic. When I was younger, I was very critical of other people. I was also very insecure, and honestly, just...

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