Listen to the experiences of our clients. Some discuss the specifics of their illness and recovery, and some share the impact working with Robin Lee has had on their mental and spiritual life.

When I met Robin I had an extremely bad case of eczema that was keeping me from living fully.  I wore socks or gloves on my hands to cover up the open sores.

Within a month of working with Robin, my eczema was gone.  She has seen me through three pregnancies and my ob/gyn told me that I am the fastest healing patient she has worked with.

Robin has taught me how to listen to my body and honor its messages.  She does programs for my children and husband too and has transformed our family by giving us the knowledge of what each person needs on a nutritional level as well as what we can do to emotionally support each other.

After working with her for 8 years, I consider Robin Lee one of the greatest blessings of my life.

Margalo Miller, Austin, Texas

My family and I have worked with Robin for many years now and I am constantly amazed at how accurate, insightful and compassionate she is.  She is intuitive and also a great listener and communicator.  The information she has given me is timely and very helpful.  I always feel better after we have worked together. 

I was very sick a few years ago while I was pregnant and she helped me get back quickly on track and feeling better, emotionally and physically.  She works with my body, not forcing her agenda on me.  She has helped reduce the stress I feel in my body.  I have in the past and continue to refer my clients and friends to her.  She is delightful, kind and professional. 

Robin has a special place in my heart for all of the help she has given my husband, my son and myself.

Kelly M. Dutka, MA, M.F.T. , Los Angeles, California

I wanted to write to let you know about how much I love working with you on this healing journey!  Your work with me has helped me to develop a better strength and knowledge of my body and to give me the tools with which to make my spirit feel at home in the loving support I can now say I know how to provide.  Thanks to you, that is! 

I’m feeling great and glad that after some intense exercise of late that I am not very sore and recover quickly.  These months that have marked my return to regular exercise have been tough, but I feel 100% better than I ever did before and can see the changes that have established within my physical and spiritual body through your guidance and direction.  The tapes you’ve created for me are wonderful touchstones for reminding me of what I need to work on as well as to make me see how far I have come along on my personal journey to better health.  The supplements and program you have suggested I use have helped me so much, and they have made my body support system feel primed and strong, so it seems that the timing of our starting to work together coincided well with my return to exercise.  In spite of a stressful country/city lifestyle, I have felt able to handle it all with your guidance. 

I can tell the differences within my body that have occurred at deep levels and that there’s a restoration of available and reserve energy that has allowed me to perform better, recover faster and think more clearly and fearlessly about my life as a whole. 

With the added benefits of our chakra work, I now feel a positive, aware connection with my body through my spirit all the time instead of only as a reaction to current challenges.  I feel like I have become a more integrated, whole person now more than ever, as if that “other” being was another lifetime ago, a shadow – faded now by the warm energy of love and sunshine from YOU, teaching me how to change and support myself. 

Thank you sooooo much, Robin – I am smiling inside!

Bernard Bruce, WoodStock, New York

About 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome.  I was prescribed many methods to get relief – physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, etc. I only got worse and became almost totally house-bound because of it.  I tried many conventional therapies but nothing helped ease my constant physical pain and fatigue. 

About eight years ago, my psychotherapist recommended Robin Lee to me.  At that point, I was willing to try anything. My husband put me in the car on icepacks for a one hour drive, and I could barely walk into her office.  I had “heard” the word, nutritionist.  Soon after I arrived, Robin presented me with my “program” along with an hour consultation.  What was this?  She had just met me.  How did she know that I had had chronic digestive problems all my life?  But she did know – she already “knew” me, and I was amazed at her abilities. 

Over the ensuing months, I worked with Robin long distance and I was amazed at the dramatic effect her various remedies (supplements, homeopathy, flower essences, etc.) had on my body.  We continued to work long distance and do to this day. 

I cannot say enough about what Robin has done for me.  She enabled me to make the connection of mind, body, spirit in my healing.  She led the way for me to learn to tap into my own intuitive abilities – thus empowering me in ways I could never have imagined. And she has always been there for me – whether by fax, email or phone.

As a result of working with Robin, I am really in touch with my body and see it as the “voice of my soul.”  Instead of worrying about physical ailments, I see my body as another voice, another communication. Most important, if I were to see a medical doctor, I doubt that he would see any evidence of myofascial pain syndrome – instead he or she would see a woman growing stronger still, healthy and living life to the fullest.  Thank you, Robin.

Peggy Chou, Ridgefield, Connecticut

I had the good fortune of being directed to Robin during a terribly difficult time for me.  I was suffering with a severe auto-immune problem that took months to identify, and no treatment was working.  I was rounding my fifth year with the condition when I met Robin. 

Her intuitive insight, her unique abilities, her gifted ways and her genuine being helped me put my problem to rest shortly after we met.  Within two months I was clean of my illness and never struggled again. 

I contact Robin regularly for updates on my general health and must say she has yet to miss when it comes to my body.  I feel truly blessed to have her and her wisdom in my life.  You will too!!!

Nancy Espuche, New York City

I feel extremely fortunate to have the continuing support and help of Robin Lee in raising my children. I am the mother of two beautiful boys, ages 9 and 6, both of whom have had a variety of physical, emotional and mental challenges. Through Robin’s readings, I have gained access to invaluable information in helping my children become healthier and more balanced on all levels. With information from Robin’s readings, I have known precisely what kind of diet and nutritional supplements, flower essences, oils, etc. would be most effective in addressing each child’s particular needs.

Robin has helped me fulfill my wish to address my children’s challenges in the most loving, natural and least invasive way possible. What I particularly like is that she is able to offer child-friendly advice on ways to deliver the food and supplements so that my kids are happy to take them.

Aside from the information offered in the readings, I am constantly dialoging with Robin via email. As new challenges have presented themselves, I am reminded time and again of how grateful I am that I have quick, easy access to high quality help from Robin. Over the past year alone, she has helped my son quickly overcome the effects of lyme disease and a facial tic. Robin continues to be one of my cherished supports in raising my children. She is helping me and my husband recover my older son from autism and is helping us address some deeply concerning emotional issues regarding my younger child.

Robin has worked with our whole family for the past 5 years and has made all of our lives brighter and healthier. For parents who are seeking the very best quality holistic healthcare information delivered with love, I cannot recommend anybody more highly than Robin Lee.

Diane Gellis, Hudson, New York

My work with Robin has changed my life by helping me “evolve” my life.  I guess that is why it is called Transformational Healing!  She has been a grounding force for me for the past 10 years. 

For me, working with Robin is like having a life coach, spiritual guru, doctor, and wise big sister.  Most importantly she genuinely cares and is always connected to me on an intuitive level. 

The combination of physical healing through supplements and body work, with her emotional healing work has been instrumental in my evolution as a person and has really helped me keep in touch with what is important in life.  It helps me keep a perspective. 

When I first started working with Robin, I was primarily looking for nutritional help.  I was running a business on my own in NYC, had been working on an intense physical training/weight training program, and was feeling drained.  I knew that I needed some guidance and started asking around.  I don’t even remember who recommended Robin; in fact I can’t remember life before Robin! 

Robin is always there for me. That is a very good feeling.  I think my husband appreciates Robin too.  He certainly benefits; he will even say “ask Robin about that!” when I have a health or emotional issue.

Jenny Faw, Providence, Rhode Island

I have been working with Robin Lee since 1996, and can’t even begin to describe how profoundly she has affected my life. Robin’s dualistic approach, of addressing both the physical and the emotional, makes working with her truly a nurturing and healing experience.

I have overcome many physical and emotional challenges through working with Robin, and am a healthier person more capable of experiencing, and expressing joy.

Robin has recently begun working with my two year old son, and seeing him respond to her recommendations and guidance makes my heart sing.

Jennifer Dochstader, Lambertville, New Jersey

I’ve been working with Robin Lee since 1997. I was having digestive problems as a consequence of abdominal surgery. At the time I was plagued with yeast and allergies. I was constantly congested and fatigued.

Robin was able to identify imbalances in my body and recommend the proper vitamins and minerals needed in my system. She was able to pinpoint the emotional components that were tied to the imbalances in my body. The results were nothing short of amazing. My physical aliments cleared up and my energy increased.

Robin’s knowledge of the food, supplements and the way the body functions on a physical and emotional way are exceptional. She treats her clients in a kind, compassion, holistic way based in honesty and trust. Working with Robin has been and continues to be one of the most beneficial things that I have done for myself.

I am very grateful to Robin for all the positive things that she has bought to my life. She is an angel!

Maritza Puello, New York City

Robin’s gift of intuition combined with her knowledge of nutrition provides a unique and invaluable approach to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

She knows exactly what the physical and emotional bodies need at any given time, and can see where there may be challenges for the body long before disease appears. Her generous support during a nutritional program helps one to identify resistance to change, and how to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

It has been a joy to work with Robin, she has taught me so much. and her guidance has been a beacon of light to me and my family.

Mary Brehmer, Brooklyn, New York

Robin is an extraordinary healer. She is also a master teacher in the tradition of the eastern masters.

As a healer, Robin has helped me with physical and emotional issues beyond what any western medical professional has ever been able to do. As a teacher, Robin has taught me to trust myself and my body, so that I now am beginning to tune in and help myself.

Robin is an incredible blessing in my life.

Orli Spanier, New York City

Robin has a genuine desire to assist her clients in both physical and emotional health. Robin is not only amazingly talented and gifted, but she also has an ability to assist her clients in a way that leaves them feeling safe and without judgement.

The process of working with her has been so enlightening for me. Robin has been able to quickly get information about my physical health and emotional well-being that traditional medical testing would have taken much longer to diagnose…if the traditional testing was even able to diagnose my health issues at all.

Whether you are suffering emotionally or physically or it you are just looking for an overall evaluation of your health or diet needs, Robin will be able to assist you beyond your expectations.

I wholeheartedly believe in what Robin does, and I continually recommend her services without any reservation to my family and friends.”

Tanna Kelton, Charlotte, Vermont

Robin is an exemplary being and epitomizes all the necessary elements of a healer. She blends both the intuitive and specific knowledge to access the origins of emotional and physical imbalances.

She also provides the most desired yet lacking elements in medicine today; namely compassion, love, respect, and emotional availability. To know her is to love her.

John Miklatek, New York City

The day I was given Robin’s name by my health food store owner, little did I know that would be the beginning of my salvation.  I was brought up to believe in the traditional medical model and that anyone other that a board certified MD was a “quack” but something inside me, after seeking professional psychiatric help which was so cold and text book, knew I needed more.  I also knew my issues were emotionally-related and I needed to deal with them rather than numb them out with medication.  So I chanced an alternative treatment, and I called Robin, and worked with her on the phone for several months, maybe once or twice a month, and she was even there for me when we didn’t have a scheduled appointment, while I was working out my pain. 

The minute I heard Robin’s voice I immediately felt relieved.  I thought there is no way a person would be able to help me on the phone, but boy, was I wrong.  It was actually easier.  The stuff that came out of my mouth was so shocking, even to me!  I let it all out and wow, it was amazing.  I felt so free to talk and her insights were amazing.  I do believe that when we look back at our lowest points in life we can point out the people that God sent to help us and Robin was and is indeed one of those Angels. 

Because of my utter amazement at how helped I was and continue to learn from Robin, I now continue to read and learn about alternative medicine, mind-body connection, and so much I never had the opportunity to learn.  Because of the things I’ve learned I am even raising my children with a new awareness. 

Meeting Robin in person after months of working with her was an amazing experience.  She is beautiful person, both inside and out, and it felt like meeting a long lost friend.  I count Robin, along with my health, my children and my husband to be the beautiful blessings in my life. 

I entusted my physical and mental health to Robin and I can say without a doubt that if my children ever needed help dealing with an emotional or physical issue I would, without a moment’s hesitation, have them work with Robin.  And as any parent knows we are all very protective of our children, so that is the best compliment I could give any practitioner. 

Robin is a gifted caring person and I am a better, healthier person for having worked with her.

Kate Deever, Brooklyn, New York

My therapist referred me to you. I trust him with all of my heart.

I have been battling anxiety for years. I have had 3 sessions with you and am amazed at the insight and tools you have given to me. I already am feeling so much lighter.

I love knowing the information you share is exactly for me, as my body is directly speaking to you. Thank you for the service you offer. What a Godsend.

Angela Klauss, Bend, Oregon

Our dog Flicka (a Belgium shepherd) at nine years suddenly was in pain and had difficulty walking. We had never seen her in such a despondent state. We were able to get her to the vet (a difficult feat for she has had great fear of vets right from the first year we found her in the shelter here in New York)…The vet was very understanding but said it would be best if we could bring her in for tests and she stay overnight.

This we knew would only distress Flicka more…being separated from us and in a place that filled her with such fear. We did not know what to do and were very upset. Then I remembered Robin and what a help she had been to me with my bronchial condition..releasing me from it and guiding me in greater strength & resilience..So I contacted Robin and asked if it were possible for her to check Flicka… and yes, she was able to connect immediately with Flicka..

Her insight and understanding and the nutrients she recommended helped to free Flicka from her physical condition…and her fear..She enjoys life again, going to the park, looking for her squirrels, and greeting us at the front door.
My husband and I are so grateful for Robin, the clear light and wisdom shining through her.

She is a blessing! And I know Flicka is grateful for Robin, too!

Flicka (a Belgium Shepherd), New York City

I just got off of the phone with you and I am in a completely ecstatic state. Whatever you did, can I have more and learn to do that myself? You are a truly gifted woman. I am incredibly blessed to be holding hands with you on this path. Thank you!

Bonnie T. , Boulder, Colorado

Robin Lee’s work links the physical, emotional and spiritual to balance the human system offering improved vitality and serenity. I can honestly say that she has helped me tremendously.

Dusty Wright, New York City

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