Who is Robin Lee?

Hello! Since the kind of work I do is rare, I find that many people want to know more about me personally before getting started. So please let me tell you a little more about me.

I’ve had the gift of intuitive insight since I was a child. In my family, this gift, which some call psychic awareness, has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Combining this with an extensive knowledge of health, healing and nutrition allows me to do my work.

I believe the body, mind and spirit are intimately connected and that most types of past negative experiences and traumas are stored in the body. I deeply believe we were all created to be well, and by “listening” to our body and acting accordingly, almost all of us can be well in a short period of time.

For the most part, I have lived like everyone does. I grew up in southern California with my Mom, Dad and brother.

Like many people, I experienced emotionally traumatic events as a child. I also had many health problems (allergies, constipation and asthma).

But I was able to solve these problems in a positive way. Seeing that western medicine was only covering up my problems, my Mom began exploring holistic medicine as a possible solution to my issues.

With her help (my mother has the same gifts that I do), I learned to uncover the emotional roots to the physical problems I was having. When I dealt with these and also implemented some dietary changes, my health became strong and remains balanced to this day.

Until then, the “medical advice” I was given was I would just have to learn to live with my problems and do the best I could to cope.

And although I was born with a “gift,” it is something that most people could end up doing if they had the opportunity.

What I mean is because I needed to choose a path of alternative healing for myself early in my life, and due to my own experience and working with thousands of clients since 1992, I have become extremely adept at “reading” people and the energy they carry.

People who know me often say that I am very upbeat and optimistic. They usually mention how they feel more in harmony with themselves by just spending time with me.

My favorite activity is “listening” to my body and help others learn to do the same. When one is able to hear what their body needs and is willing to honor that, intuition will naturally occur. I also often take courses and continually study with people I admire in my field to always increase my ability to connect.

As you work with me, you’ll see that intuition is truly our birthright. Our natural state is to feel whole and connected to each other. We simply need to “remember” how to feel that way.

My experience of life has taught me that each moment is a gift, and that we were created as unique and perfect beings ~ if only more of us could see that!

In the deepest place within me, my most fundamental feeling is that I am grateful for my life. I have been given the blessing and responsibility of raising two wonderful girls to become incredible beings.

I live in San Diego County, a truly glorious place to be. I have a healthy body to feed and nurture. I love going on hikes, long walks, and swims in the ocean. My favorite thing to do is sit in a corner of a coffee shop where a local musician sits strumming his guitar with my journal in hand. I just sit and watch people without saying a word. I find normal people to be very inspirational.

Without meaning to, or even knowing it, people say so much. I love to write about what I see and experience; it makes a space inside of me that feels expansive and safe.

Even in that coffee house, I pay attention to each person, to the lines on each of their faces, how they walk, how their eyes glisten…(or not!). It’s just me — it’s just what I do.

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